March 2004

Well, still itching. I can’t let that bother me though so I load up on Benadryl and Cortisone cream because we are leaving on a long awaited trip to Ireland! Unfortunately, by day 3 of our Ireland trip I am sniffling, coughing and using a box of Kleenex an hour. All this and I can’t even track down some NyQuill. Come St Patrick’s Day (our 5th anniversary) in the fair city of Dublin, I am absolutely miserable! I can’t breathe and the fever is getting out of control. We find a clinic that gives me some flu medicine and that works enough for me to make the best of it. My first day back to work, my cough is so bad, my boss sends me home!

One thought on “March 2004”

  1. Ireland was great, despite both of us getting sick. The weather was pretty bad, but Krystyna was a trooper. I could tell she was forcing herself to try to enjoy the trip. The last few days, I ended up catching what she had. The flight home was the miserable part of the trip for me. After getting home it seemed like we needed a vacation from our vacation.


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