Possible Cause of my Hodgkin’s Disease…

For the last 8 years I have dealt with numerous afflictions ranging from fatigue to pain. My Doctor’s were always saying I had a weak immune system, but couldn’t figure out why. For those of you familiar with the movie “A Civil Action” starring John Travolta(for more information, go to our Links page), you may be surprised to know that I spent some of my formidable years prior to age 5 in the same neighborhood where all the kids were dying from predominantly Acute Lymphatic leukemia. Had I stayed, many of these kids would have been my classmates and friends. My husband and I did some research on the chemicals involved with the lawsuit and did find research to support that early exposure to these chemicals can manifest in symptoms in the late teen and early adulthood years. While this is not the cause of the Hodgkin’s Disease, no one knows what causes it, the suppressed immune system for so many years is a contributing factor.

One thought on “Possible Cause of my Hodgkin’s Disease…”

  1. One thing that bothers me about the whole thing is that Woburn, MA would drill water wells in the middle of an industrial park despite warnings from experts. In the mid-sixties, Woburn drilled wells G & H even when its own consultant advised against this in the late-fifties. It appears that they were warned of possible contamination. Maybe they should have continued their research prior to drilling the wells. While this information is provided by one of the companies involved, and may be biased in suggesting that Woburn is in part to blame; I find it shocking. Perhaps, my frame of mind is based in present days, where people take the environment serious (for the most part). I believe that governments have an obligation to protect its community from harm. But then again, I guess hind sight is 20/20. (These are my opinions based on some of the information I have read).


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