Hepatitis What?!

Well after one look at me, my Doctor and his nurse have taken to calling me the Banana. They do however promise to get me back to being a Peach. It’s definitely not Carotene. Time for labs!

They suspect it’s Hepatitis, so if it is, it has to be Hep A. I don’t sleep with men that sleep with other men (unless there’s something my husband isn’t telling me), I haven’t had a transfusion and I don’t use dirty needles (only sterile needles for my drug use:-)!

Now I’m quarantined for a week with daytime TV!!

One thought on “Hepatitis What?!”

  1. I suspect “Hepatitis A” because I have been inoculated and I wouldn't get sick (which I'm not). She has not been inoculated, so it seems logical.


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