Bride of Frankenstein

Well, had the Lymph Nodes taken out today. The node was taken out under General Anesthesia at Methodist Outpatient. The Surgeon used the natural crease in my neck for the incision line so over time the scar will fade and not be noticeable. That being said however, right now it looks like Dr. Frankenstein got a hold of me! The incision is 2-3 inches long with stitches hanging out and its black from the dried blood. As if that’s not enough, my husband says I look like one of those snakes that swallows eggs whole and you can see it bulging out as it goes through them! They removed several nodes and I guess one little guy misses his buddies because he has swelled up pretty big in protest!

This piture is one week post-op. So it looks a little better than it did.

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