Chemo – Cycle 1 Treatment 1

I will be having Chemo every other Thursday. Each Cycle is 2 treatments 15 days apart. I will be in treatment for 6-8 months. After 2 months I’ll have another CT and in 6 months I’ll have another PET scan to see if there are any cancer cells left. The survival rate for my cancer is 80% at 10 years so it’s almost “curable” but no one will use that term.

No problems after todays treatment. A little tired, but that’s more stress than anything else. I just want to go home and go to bed! My initial treatment took 5 1/2 hours because of the preliminary drugs and paperwork. The Medi-Port is a godsend. They gave me some lidocaine cream called Emla to apply 2 hours before. Just slather it on and cover with a piece of Saran Wrap to allow it to absorb and you don’t feel anything! Maybe I’ll use the cream to get a tatoo, hhhmmmm!!

I am posting photos of my first treatment, even though I am not photogenic! I’m really much cuter than the pictures show and I don’t have a triple chin like it seems in the picture. I got my hair cut short because the hair loss shows less and I’m not used to it yet.

One thought on “Chemo – Cycle 1 Treatment 1”

  1. No complaints about this treatment. We ate lunch in the Infusion room as did most of the other patients and their family members. I read through about three “Time” magazines. Krystyna, likes “Time” and I found the articles interesting. Several years ago, I stopped reading the magazine because I was disappointed by their “Man of the Year”. I guess I've gotten over it.


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