5 days post treatment 1

Day 1 – Feel great today. Did a little hat shopping, took the day off of work to be safe, but I got tired of being in the house. Besides, it was a tax free shopping day and JC Penney’s is closing so they were having incredible sales!

Day 2 – A bit queasy today. Not getting sick, but took a Compazine. My Husband’s boss is retiring and his party tonight so I’m going to try and make an appearance. The food was great! Maybe a little too great. Didn’t feel too hot. I left early and asked Jerry’s supervisor to give him a lift so he could stay.

Day 3 – Ok today. Ate some Mac & Cheese which made me a little queasy. Stayed in the bedroom all day, mainly because I was tired and it is actually too exhausting to sit up! So, I take my laptop to bed with me. Our house is Wi-Fi so I can do anything on the computer from bed. My mouth is getting a little sore (which is a side effect of 3 of the drugs) so I went to Walgreen’s and bought some Biotene toothpast for dry mouth. After 2 days it really seems to be working well.

Day 4 – Back to work! Really tired. I feel like I’m going to fall asleep while driving home, so I took the afternoon off and came home to rest. Unfortunately, I was exhausted, but with Insomnia. Go figure!

Day 5 – Feel Great! A little bit of a tension headache brought on by jaw pain, which is a side effect of some of the drugs. I figured out that Chinese food is great with Chemo! I can eat a lot of it and there is no nausea! I guess MSG is good for Lymphoma! My mother in law will freak at that!

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