Hair today, Gone tomorrow…

Well I am 14 days post my first chemo dose and everytime I touch my head, my hand comes back with a clump of hair stuck to it. I’ve decided to shave off my hair once it starts really coming out for several reasons. First, it makes a mess! There’s hair all over your pillow, your clothes and everywhere else. Second, you have to clean the shower drain every time you take a shower to remove the clog. Third, I’m not too vain about my hair, it’ll grow back and hey, I haven’t seen my natural color in 19 years so it will be a treat (except for the grey hairs that are bound to be there by now)! Finally, August in San Antonio, TX is a great month to be bald!
Personally, I blame my good friend Deb Price-Page. My hair didn’t start falling out until I was on the phone with her today. Muah! You know I love you Deb!
Second Chemo is scheduled for tomorrow morning. One interesting side effect is the clumsiness! I am dropping everything and stumbling over my words making me sound pretty kooky!


One thought on “Hair today, Gone tomorrow…”

  1. I ask her several times if she was absolutely sure before shaving her head. Obviously, she was ready. Krystyna, is a strong person and she is certainly not vain. The only problems we have encountered is that she has “ghost hair” (figuratively speaking). She still tries to run her hands through her hair, or moves her head to toss the hair back. Of course, she immediately realizes what she is doing and she laughs.


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