Chemo, Chemo and more Chemo

Well tomorrow is Chemo day. The only thing that really sucks about Chemo for me is that afterward I have quite a bit of jaw and mouth pain which also causes headaches. It takes about a week or so for this to go away and as soon as it does, bingo, it’s time for chemo again! Oh well, I really can’t complain because in the grand scheme of things I am getting off pretty easy. When you hear what other people go through while being treated for cancer I am only having mild discomfort by comparison.

I have a wonderful boss, who actually makes me feel guilty for coming into work sometimes so staying home and leaving early is not a problem. He lets me come and go as desired and everyone else at work is extremely supportive. They gave me a brand new IBM Thinkpad so I could stay home and work if I wanted to without coming into the office. My co-workers really have helped me maintain a sense of normalcy. Of course, my bank account does miss my working 40 hour weeks! I only work about 25 right now.

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