Chemo’s a No Go

My port was drawing fine, had beautiful blood return and took the drip for all the premeds fine. When they went to push my Adriamycin (the wonder drug that turns your Urine red and makes your hair fall out) it wouldn’t go in. So I had too go for a dye study and have a clot dissolved. Chemo is rescheduled for Monday. WhooPee!! At least it means I can go to my office party tomorrow night. As my husband says I’ll be sauced up.

One thought on “Chemo’s a No Go”

  1. Hi there, Krystyna! You don't know me, but I wanted to thank you for sharing online your experience with Hodgkins. I just got diagnosed with Hodgkins Mixed Cellularity (don't know what stage yet but have had PET and CT scans done) and go to meet my oncologist for the first time tomorrow to talk about the plan.

    I have had a weight loss blog and will chronicle my cancer fight there — feel free to stop by!

    My hat is off to you, and I'm totally rooting for you. Big hugs!


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