It’s Miller Time!

Had my last scheduled Chemo today. Now I get 3 weeks off and will have a CT on Feb 2 to check the progression of the last tumor in my chest. I’ll meet with my Hematologist on Feb 10 to go over the results and determine what will happen next. There are 3 possibilities:

1. Everything is gone and I don’t need anymore treatment! (I doubt that will happen because the tumor only shrank 1 cm in 4 mos and it is still 4×5 cm as of Dec 1)

2. If the tumor is not responding to Chemo anymore, then radiation.

3. If the tumor is still responding, 4 more sessions of Chemo. (probably starting on Feb 10)

On the plus side, thanks to the break in my chemo schedule, Superbowl is 3.5 weeks after my last treatment, so we will be hosting a Superbowl Party at our house. If you are in the area and would like to stop by, click on the email us link on our Home Page and we will send directions.

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