Happy St Paddy’s & Anniversary to us

Today is our 6 year anniversary (together for 8). It was kinda bittersweet. We reminisced about being in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day last year. We had a blast, but I started getting sick the first day there and it peaked on St Patrick’s Day in Dublin. So we didn’t get to do everything we might have if I wasn’t sick (ie. the pub tour by night). At the time we didn’t know it was Cancer yet, thought it was the flu. So now we are planning on going back to do everything we didn’t get to enjoy 150%! Don’t know when for sure yet. YIPPEEE!

When we look back on this year we are very grateful. One year after the bought with the “Flu”, we have had and beaten Cancer. My hair is about 1/4 inch long now, but a little thin. My co-workers say it looks like a newborns hair. I will try to put a pic up soon of the growth. Bonnie is so cute! She sat in my lap brushing my hair the other day because “brushing will make it grow Aunt Tina”. She told me I had little hair but not to worry soon it would be long like hers!

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