Happy Easter!

This has certalinly been an interesting week. Out of the blue I got an Email from one of my 2 best friends from Junior High! We ended up talking for about 2 hours on the phone. I don’t think I’ve spent that much time on the phone with a friend since High School. This led to an Email from my other best friend from Junior High. I’ve bumped into Laura a couple of times around town over the last decade, but her Husband and I never got along, so we didn’t really talk. Lisa I hadn’t seen or talked to in 15-16 years. It was definately weird going through old memories that I hadn’t thought of in years, but it was way cool (for lack of a better description).

Monday morning I have my final surgery to remove my Medi-Port and stop taking Coumadin, then I will be as back to normal as possible. Yipee!!

We’re just having a ham dinner at the house with my Mother-In-Law and Grandmother today. The twins are at their Mother’s until later this evening. Hope everyone has a great Easter!!

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