Boot Scootin Boogie

Well this month we’re off to Nashville. My mom was there for a conference and we hadn’t seen her in 6 years so we decided to fly up there. At this point I hadn’t come up with the idea of surprising Jerry with the trip to Vegas for our anniversary yet.

Nashville was pretty nice. Very green and scenic. We stayed at the Opryland Hotel which is beyond massive. Depending on which side of the hotel your room is on it is a .25 to .5 mile walk from the paarking lot to your room. The hotel itself is pretty nice and you never have to leave with all of the restaurants and shops, but I definately would recomend to anyone with a disability to stay somewhere else. It wasn’t very handicap accessible and navigating a wheelchair would be next to impossible! They don’t even often a shuttle service to the parking lot or around the exterior of the hotel to the different wings. Valet parking is the parking closest to the hotel but it costs $18.00 per day before tip. Yikes!

If you are ever at the Opryland resort and Conference Center stop into Findley’s Pub and see James Pendergrast-The Boys of County Nashville. They are a great Irish Folk Band. Pick up their CD while you’re there, there is a great mix of Irish Folk Music and not the common stuff everyone always plays.

We ate at the Aquarium which was cool. It’s like you’re eating underwater. I took alot of pictures. Our favorite fish is the picture of the one that looks like he has a white stripe on his back at the base of his fin. He tilts from side to side as he swims and looks like he’ll tip over. We call him the Drunken Fish. They also had a tank in the mall were you could feed Stingrays. It smelled kind of bad, but it was pretty neat having them eating out of your hand.

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