Mama Drama Complete with Lawyers

Well my darling mother in her never ending quest to make her mothers and my lives a living hell contacted lawyers in San Antonio from her home in Maine and told them that my grandmothers life was in danger.

I got a hysterical phone call from my grandmother and her nurse because all tehse people just showed up at her door. To fully understand the gravity of the impact of these actions you would have to know my grandmother. She is in her 80’s, does not handle change at all and is a drama queen.

She is monitored 24 hours a day and we pay for private nurses from 7AM-7PM. Between the assisted living rent, the private nurses, her meds, Klondike bars, hair salons and whatever else she asks for her care ranges from $2500-3000 a month. She’s had a catheter for over 2 years now with NO urinary infections at all! Yup, I guess my mothers right, we are abusing her.

Forget the fact that my mother hardly ever calls her (once every month or so) and when she visited San Antonio last October she drove over to see her friends almost every night (right down the street from her mother) and never once stopped in to see her mother much less even let her mother know she was in town, I guess she would know if hermother was being abused or neglected.

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