Our new "home"?

Well work on our foundation repairs is in full swing! The fun part is that they have to drill 2ft x 3ft wide and 4 ft deep holes in everyone of the bedrooms! What this means is that Jerry and I have to move our bedroom into the family room. All the furniture from the office and guest room have been moved to the living/dining room so for the next 3-4 weeks our 2000 sq ft house is going to shrink to only about 700 sq ft of living space!

Our queen size bed is now infront of the fireplace and the only other rooms we can access our the kitchen and breakfast nook. It doesn’t help that the dust from all the drilling is so thick it’s hard to breath and it has coated everything!

The dust has clogged up our ceiling fan motors to the point they won’t work and has even messed with the TV!

This environment has been very stressful for me and my anxiety levels are off the charts!!

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