What is going on?..

Wondering what is up with hubby’s family. My MIL has been showing signs of being more and more depressed and having physical pains associated with stress. Even my nieces don’t seem as happy as they used too. My BIL moved his girlfriend and her sons into their house and she has done some really nasty things. She claims to be super christion but they live together in sin and she lies all the time. While I’m not in the house to see the extent of the lies, my BIL is a compulsive liar and the both of them have told my MIL lies about Jerry & I. The situation really seems to be getting bad in Oklahoma. The older of the 2 boys is ok, but the youngest is a real brat! When they were here in August I just wanted to smack him. He runs around doing whatever he wants, screeching while my husband is a meeting in the other room and the snotty bitch thinks it’s fine and does nothing. My BIL doesn’t give him any disipline either! By the end of their stay I had locked myself in my room, medicated myself heavily and hoped they would leave VERY soon. If this is what it’s like everyday at home, the fit is certainly going to hit the shan sometime soon!

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