Well it hit the fan…

OK. So my MIL brought the girls down to spend Xmas with their mom. They already have their return tickets to go back to Oklahoma. Between here and Oklahoma is back to back winter weather advisories, frozen roads, snow like hasn’t been seen in years and my idiot brother in law decides against everyone elses judgement to drive down here and pick them up instead. Of course one would think he was doing this to spend extra time crammed in the car with 7 people to spend more time with his kids or something but of course not. With my BIL it’s always about his needs…

So he shows up on the premise he’s come to drive them back to Oklahoma, he picks up the girls but not his mother. You’ve got to realize that his mother has raised the girls since 2003. She sold her house when he joined the Navy to move with them because he’s a single dad. When she sold her house, she gave him all the money to pay off bills and buy a new truck because she naively had faith in her son that he would take care of her as she has taken care of him and his children for the past 6 years. But I digress…

So he picks up the girls to take them out to Sea World (again)and in his usual selfish style arrives at our house 2 hours late after we called to see where they were and he lied. Turns out, he drove all the way down here so he could marry the snotty bitch without telling anyone! He says he came down here because he wanted the Judge that married him and his EX-WIFE to marry them. What a jackhole!

Additionally, they “didn’t have room” in the car for my MIL!! WTH!! So this snotty, wanna be christian, bitches plan seems to be that my MIL would just stay with us when they drove off into the sunset. And they wonder why Jerry & I didn’t gush all over them going “Congratulations!”. Whatever! He’s such a selfish bastard!

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