My Response to my idiot BIL after CC’ing email after email

There is no need to copy me on these matters. My opinions are based on personal experience and are not influenced by anything else.

For the past 13 years, I have sat by and listened to your “exaggerations”, as your family likes to call them, knowing that in actuality you were a narcissistic compulsive liar, having been raised by a selfish liar myself, I recognized the same traits in you that my mother possesses. I have tolerated many of the hurtful things you have said and done out of respect for my husband and mother in law, and most of all my love for the girls, to keep peace in the family. You have disappointed Jerry more times than I can count with your actions, words and lies. The only thing recent events has changed is that I no longer have to tolerate your behavior.

I am not concerned with any ones feelings or relationships; my only concern is that the girls are healthy and happy. I firmly believe that Misty & Rob will be able to give the girls all the love, respect and emotional stability that they deserve. I do not believe that they will constantly try to buy the girls love with insignificant items and gestures, while denying them emotional love. I further do not believe they will make condescending comments about you in their presence as you have done about her while in our home. Whatever events transpired in the past, it is my opinion that Misty’s parentage will be far healthier than yours as you are always preoccupied with “keeping up with the Jones’” and trying to impress every person you come across and using the girls as a tool in that pursuit.

I will offer any assistance I can to Misty & Rob during this difficult time while Jerry & I are still in San Antonio. As little or as much as they may need or want because I believe they have the maturity, sensibility and compassion needed to be the best for the girls, traits that you have always been lacking in.

While unpopular, I agree that time away from everyone in Oklahoma, including mom, is in the girls best interest at this time. It is only with complete separation that I think the girls may come to terms with how they are feeling. If that means Jerry & I also will not see them, so be it. Whatever Misty & Rob feel is best for them.

The fact that you’re entire family has been turned upside down in less than a year and yet you have decided that only Crystal is worthy of being listened to & believed speaks volumes about your character. When everything around you changes so drastically in such a short time span, a logical person would examine what else has changed during that same time and make the conclusion that the change precipitated the problem. Only the selfish person would put blame everywhere else.

These are my feelings and opinions and will be the only time I weigh into this issue. I will not discuss it again with anyone other than Jerry and as a source for your mom to vent her anger and frustration. I will leave it to your brother to tell you how he feels if he so chooses.

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