Gotta Love Craigs List!

After all this work getting rid of stuff in the house, we still have a ton left and no energy left for Garage Sales and Ebay, so a plan was born.

The curb in front of our house is about 3 feet wide by 20 feet long, so I filled up about a third of that space with boxes of stuff from the garage and placed an ad on Craigs List reading “Free Stuff on Curb, First Come First Serve”. Put out a small mix of stuff as a test to see if this would work and then checked periodically through my peephole!

Viola! Within an hour everything I had put out was gone! Awesome! I now had a way to get rid of everything else! So over a couple of weeks, I loaded up all 60 sq ft of curbspace with furniture, electronics, dishes, wheelchairs, walkers, books, movies, cd’s, china and anything else I could drag out there 4 more times! The longest it ever took for everything to disappear was 2 hours. Freedom at last!

On a side note, a charity truck was driving by doing pickups while I was loading up the curb and refused to take my stuff because I wasn’t on their schedule! How ridiculous! This was the day I was putting out all kinds of health care items. Walkers, wheelchairs, 3 ways with the tags still attached!

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