Don’t ever fall in love

Did you ever love a boy
but knew he didn’t care?
Did you ever feel like crying
but knew you’d get nowhere?

Did you ever see him dancing
when the lights were turned down low?
Did you ever whisper, “God in heaven”
but God didn’t let him know?

Don’t ever fall in love my friend
You’ll find it doesn’t pay
It only causes heartbreak
It happens everyday

And when it starts you’ll know
Why you wonder day & night
Remeber you’re losing him
No matter how hard you fight


Love is fine, but it hurts so much
the price you pay is high
If I could choose
Love or Death
I think I’d rather die

And so my friend
don’t fall in love
You’ll be hurt
before you’re through
You see my friend
I ought to know
I fell in love with you!

I have this posted as 2 seperate poems. However I have recently discovered a similar version of these 2 poems combined as one online with authorship attributed to a 20 year old name Jewelia Lindsey. Considering I am transcribing this from a hard copy of my Journal (discs have been lost) from 1991 I find this highly unlikely as she would have been one.

If anyone could clarify this I would appreciate it.

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