Finally Met My Nephew!!!!

I finally had a chance to meet my nephew!! He’s 17 months old today and totally adorable!! I also haven’t had a chance to see my brother since 2003!

The circumstances were sad, my baby brother Greg & I have different fathers and his step-mom passed away unexpectedly last week. This led to Greg coming to Texas to see his dad with his son Logan.

Chet (ex-stepfather) invited Jerry & I up to Magnolia, so we packed our bags and hit the road! It was very hard for me because of the agoraphobia. I haven’t been away from the house for more than 4 hours since last year and this was a 48 hour stay, but there was no way I was missing the chance to see my brother and meet my nephew!

We had a great time just sitting around chatting. We spent 6 hours the first day and 9 hours the second day just hanging out at Chet’s house talkin’. I haven’t talked that much since high school.

Magnolia is very pretty. Lots of tall pine trees and has a very New England feel to it which I love! On the drive back our Garmin took us the back country highways which were very scenic going through Bastrop State Park. We saw over 100 motorcyclists out enjoying the day.

The only thing missing was Greg’s wife Valerie. She had to stay in Orlando because of work!

Romeo (my little therapy pomeranian) went with us while Cupid and Flapjack stayed home. Romeo was the only one we felt was ready for a weekend away from home and the long car ride. He behaved himself very well and he loved being off leash to explore the woods in Magnolia.

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