"People" Medicine for Pets

Wonder what bottles you have in your medicine chest that can also help you dogs and cats? Many of the medicines prescribed by vets are avail over the counter in their human counter parts. The active ingredients are the same, however the dosage is usually smaller and the medicine from the vet is usually flavored to something the dogs prefer. The following is a list of medicines that I have used on my dogs:

St. John’s Wort – Cupid takes this because he seems to have doggie OCD. He licks constantly (his brothers, his parents, the floor, the bedspread, etc…), and has to bounce 3 times before he’ll jump up on the couch/bed/chair. Results take 2-4 weeks to be noticeable.

Herbal Stress Tabs (contains Passion Flower, Chamomile, Valerian Root & Tryptophan) – All 3 dogs (and occasionally the cat) take this. I have this in 3 forms: tablet, drops (which can be added to their water) and as cookies. The dogs receive these before car rides, trips to the groomers, thunderstorms and any other situations that may be stressful for them.

Benadryl – All 3 take Benadryl. Flapjack takes it to relieve itching so he’ll stop licking his paw until it’s raw and sore. As it heals it itches and the whole process starts over again.

During Spring & Summer, Romeo takes it to relieve his watery eyes and Cupid takes it to relieve his sneezing (you know that horrible sounding reverse sneeze that dogs do) Dosage is 1mg per pound. If I’m using the tablets which are 25mg each, I give each half a tab. If I’m using liquid Childrens Benadryl which is only 12.5 mg per tsp, then they each get a tsp.

Mylanta Liquid – We just started using this on Flapjack for indigestion and gastric distress. Fladjack has a problem with gas. Well it’s not really his problem, it’s more ours because we have to smell it!! I give him 2-3 tsp in the evening.

Pepto Bismol – We have this in our Pet First Aid kit. It will relieve everything for dogs that it does for people. Cats can’t take Pepto.

Clear Pedialyte – We first used Pedialyte on 2 foster puppies we had 7 years ago because they were too weak to drink on their own. Because they were so sick, we used an oral syringe and gave it full strength. So if your pet is really dehydrated and too weak to drink on their own, you can use this method to administer the Pedialyte.

However, if you think your dog may be just a little dehydrated from running around on a hot day or from a little diarrhea, then you can mix Pedialyte with water 50/50 in their bowl.

There are many other items in your medicine chest that will work on your pets. I have just mentioned the ones here that I actually use. Please seek your vets advice if your pet is ill.

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