Mi Madre es Loca!!!

My mother has finally gone off the deep end.  Those of you that know me have heard this before, but she’s way off now.  The older she gets, the more psychotic she gets!
First, the backstory:
My brother, Greg, his wife Val and their 17 month old son, Logan move from Maine to Florida a few months ago.  With summer approaching and the humidity rising, Val (who has never before lived outside of Maine) is having trouble breathing.  She suffered a collapsed lung in 2005 & again in 2007.  Doctors were not able to determine why her lung collapsed even after performing a biopsy on her lung.  Now she is getting crackling in her right lung and has trouble breathing with the high levels of humidity in Orlando.
Val’s family has made the arrangements to move them back to Maine for Val’s health and my mother offered to let them stay in her spare room until they saved up a deposit.  She even arranged a job for Greg with one of her loser boyfriends.
Arrangements have all been made and my mother calls Greg back and tells him she’s changed her mind.  She can’t trust him because he talks to his father and his sister.  So it’s either her, or his father & sister.  She goes on to tell him she wants nothing to do with him, her only daughter in law and her only grandson unless he agrees to cut off all contact with his father and sister.
I feel bad for him.  His wife is sick and his mother disowns him, his wife and her only grandchild simply because he dares to facebook with his father and sister.
I thought this kind of behavior from her would stop when I cut her out of my life.  You know how they say the parent usually only chooses one child to be abusive towards; well that was always me.  It never occured to me that she would shift her emotional & psychological manipulation & abuse to my baby brother when I cut her off.

Then she calls him back a little while later and tries to act like nothing happened. P-S-Y-C-H-O

Contrary to what I’ve written here, I am actually speechless right now.  I don’t understand how someone can care more about what their friends and co-workers think about them than their own family.

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