No, I’m not a lesbian…

The last couple of nights I’ve found myself having trouble sleeping and ended up browsing friends albums on FB, and was amazed at how many beautiful women I know!  Now, you wouldn’t be a friend if you weren’t an absolutely gorgeous person inside and out, but I made a couple observations that I was in the mood to share.  Women spend so much time gossiping about negative things, I thought I’d share some of my positive observations.
I’m not going to use anyones names or other identifying info in the event they might be embarrassed (or ticked off).  If you figure out who are, give yourself a big kiss next time you look in a mirror.

Friend #1 – Is one of those women that I think came out of the womb looking fabulous without trying, has a great, effortless sense of style and has not changed at all from the day I met her until today.  She has discovered the fountain of youth.

Friend #2 – Went through an awkward, “pudgy” phase growing up, but has grown into a beautiful mother with hot figure and very “diva-esque” look that would give anyone on the red carpet a run for her money!

Friend #3 – Was a typical ROTC type nerdy chic like me in HS (I won’t say which HS).  Looking back she was very plain (nothing wrong with that!) and while she probably doesn’t conform to societies definition of beauty (bigger than a size 6, no long blonde hair, under 5′ 7″), I see pictures of her now and I think she has grown into one of the most beautiful, girl next doors!  Fresh faced, very photogenic, I think she rolls out of bed in the morning looking great!
Friend #4 – Was very cute in HS.  She really hasn’t changed much, but something about her face now has the look of maturity that has accentuated her cuteness and turned her into a true MILF!  I imagine her being the mom that makes all the teenage boys want to hang out at her house.
Friend #5 – has been going threw a metamorphises over the past year and her hard work is definately showing!  Every time she posts a new picture she inspires me to go to the gym!  She keeps looking more and more gorgeous!!  She has truly emerged a beautiful butterfly.
Though I am only mentioning a few of my friends here, I am proud to call all of you friends.  While some of us may not be photogenic (I fall into that category, I photograph terribly!!), we may not be as skinny as we were in HS and we may show the beginnings of crows feet; I think all my friends are beautiful and each posses something that makes them unique!  I love all you guys and couldn’t ask for a more wonderful group of friends.
I know with all my sarcasm many of thing have trouble telling when I’m being sincere, I just wanted to take a minute to let you guys all know how much I appreciate all of you and what you have given to my life. Regardless of how often we get to see each other, you’re always in my heart.

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