Housewives of NY – Kelli-OMG!!

This is just going to be a quick entry to say Kelli is crazy!  She talks gibberish and makes no sense!  She says she’s so shy and never dresses sexy!  HELLO!  What does wearing a shirt as a dress that if you sneeze her twat will be exposed say?  Conservative?  Don’t think so!

She is such a walking contradiction.  One day she’s against animal abuse, the next day she wears fur.  She compares PETA to Playboy?  She won’t eat processed food, but eats candy and chicken wings?

In one aspect though she really reminds me of my mother!  She’s got 4 people telling her the exact same thing about their trip and she says their all lying and she’s right.  My mother is the exact same way.  It doesn’t matter how many people or how much evidence you have saying one thing, if it’s not what she thinks, then you and everyone else is wrong!

I’m not sure I can sit through another season with Kelli.  She’s just too far out there she actually raises my anxiety levels!!

On the NJ series Danielle is bad, but in a stupid narcissistic way.  I can’t believe she totes those ex-convict goons with her everywhere she goes thinking she’s going to be attacked.


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