The story of a guy with Downs Syndrome, a big heart & some grocery bags

I first came across this story a few years ago and emailed it out to my co-workers and staff as an inspirational example of how the little things do matter and one person really can make a difference!

Jimmy, a man who was born with Down Syndrome and has more reason than most to feel sorry for himself. His condition makes most jobs out of his reach, but that didn’t stop him from getting a position at the local grocery store as a bagger.
A bagger is not a particularly glamorous job. It’s dull, repetitive work and the pay isn’t exactly wonderful. Jimmy didn’t see it that way. He wanted to be the best bagger in the store, if not, the city. So, he had an idea.

He went home and, with the help of his father, typed up inspirational sayings and quotes. Then, he cut them out and took them to work. Every time he put groceries in a bag, he would add one of the little inspirational quotes. It made Jimmy happy to spread a little joy, and the customers loved it, too.
In fact, they really loved it. So much so that pretty soon, people were lining up to get their groceries bagged by Jimmy. It didn’t matter if another checkout was open, people would stand in line to meet Jimmy and get one of his inspirational sayings with their weekly shop.

From a mundane job, Jimmye created something extraordinary. He got tips, too, which was not the goal but certainly helped him out. He did something remarkable and genuine, and everyone around him felt inspired. That is the embodiment of being the best at what you do.

Take that story to heart and let it sink in. What could you do better in your daily routine? It doesn’t need to take a lot of time or money, but just a little thought. Put your ideas to work and who knows what the outcome may be. It could turn an ordinary business into an overnight success. It could turn an average day at work into something exciting. “Be the best at what you do, whatever you do” are words to live by.


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