McDonald’s faces lawsuit over marketing to kids

McDonald’s faces lawsuit over marketing to kids

This is the kind of thing that just ticks me off!

When my husband & I were children, it was considered a special treat to go down to McDonald’s and get a Happy Meal. The toys are part of the fun.

McDonald’s may market them towards children by using tie-ins from current movies or by using popular brand names as enticements (Barbie, Hotwheels and my favorite, Madame Alexander), but at the end of the day, it’s the PARENTS who put the kids in the car. It’s the PARENTS that drive them to McDonalds. It’s the PARENTS that hand over the money.

And finally, it is the PARENTS who no longer seem to feel it neccessary to teach their kids about nutrition, restraint, manners and most importantly, the difference between a neccessity and a luxury!

Unfortunately the parents themselves seem to have lost touch with what they need vs what they want.

To compare McDonald’s to a pedophile handing out candy on the playground is absurd!


One thought on “McDonald’s faces lawsuit over marketing to kids”

  1. Can we sue McDonalds too?

    You're right about the SNL reference, I don't get it. Did you really think I would? I think I've only seen maybe a dozen SNL skits in my whole life. Thank you You Tube!


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