Plus Size is Not Always Bad

Plus Size is Not Always Bad

Have you ever been depressed because you are a plus size woman? Well don’t be! We, and yes I am talking about myself as well, should be proud of who we are, on the outside and inside. No matter what others may have to say.

Sometimes, we do get depressed because we are a little “bigger” then the average woman. But just realize, there are a bunch of reasons to be happy with the way you are, like there are plenty of modeling agencies out there who offer plus size modeling. Plus, God made us the way we are, and we should be happy with that!

Also, we do get depressed because we think that nobody wants us. That is beyond true though. There are plenty of good-looking, nice, and respectful men out there who love “curvier” women more then skinny women. Let just face it ladies, skinny women who are all skin and bones are not very attractive. Men like women who don’t look like they are going to break in half every time walk down a flight of stairs. Plus, plus size women can cook most of the time, which is a good way to a mans heart!

We all know that living as a plus size woman can be a little rough at times, but we just have to hold our head up and face the music. If people shut us down don’t give up, keep pushing forward and don’t look back.

Don’t let yourself get down, whether it be because of rejection, or for the simple fact that we can’t fit into those jeans we have always wanted, there is a reason for everything. With that being said, hold your head high, and push through til the end!


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