Kristopher James Allen (6/29/72 – 5/19/92)

In remembrance of my best friend and first love on what would have been his 38th birthday.
These are transcripts of poems from a journal I kept from 1991-1993.

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My heart skips a beat.
Your chestnut hair and crooked teeth.
You are him, the man I wish for eternity.
Others have come and gone, but yet, you remained.
Many a troubled night you consoled me as I did you.
Together we had a special bond, you and I alone.
No matter how sunny the day,
Or how stormy the night,
You were the light that got me through
the worst of my life.
We never verbalized our true emotions to each other,
Yet unspoken, they were said.
For many a year we grew closer and stronger.
We drew on each others strength to get through the
rough times,
And gave strength whenever it was needed.
You were a shoulder to cry on,
And I’ve dampened my shoulder comforting you.
I never envisioned you leaving as you did.
We were fixed on each other for life.
The only vision of death for us was
supposed to be when we vowed , ‘Til death do us part”.
Now we’ve parted;
And after all the hard times you got me through
I ask one question…
“Who is going to get me through you?”

-Beth Harrison 8/1992

Today I was reminded of you…
Taken back to a special
Place in time
And as I thought of you,
A certain sort of sadness
Filled my heart
Even though the memories
We have are beautiful
And thinking back on them
Fills my heart with joy
My eyes also swell
With tears
Because we are so far apart
And I miss you
So very much
In My Dreams

It’s so hard
Being here without you
I never imagined
I’d miss you so much
When you left
I cried for days
Saying goodbye
Was too much to bear
Now after so much time
Nearly a year
Every time I hear your voice
Or see your face
All the feelings
Rush back in
How is it just being
With you makes everything
All right
You take me to a place
That’s so warm and safe
I never want to leave
But I always do
Back to myself
Without you…
-April 1993
So far away
Yet so close to my heart
You occupy my thoughts
My dreams are visions of you
Life goes on while you’re away
But it is empty
There are common distractions
Though nothing compares
To the perfection you hold
In my eyes


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