Teenage Angst – Short Verses

I mean to let you
know I care
As I try
You only know to me
You are a good friend
How can I tell you
How I feel
Without hurting us both
Now it’s back
What should I do?
Anything I say goes
What if I can’t control it
Such a strange feeling
I wonder if he feels it too
When come the days
other lips you’ll meet
beaches, flowers, winter
and love
In the pleasant scene
Maybe you’ll remeber other
happy days that have been
and you’ll remember me
One – Lost forever
One – Here for now
So alike, yet very different
Perhaps long ago
it would seem comical
but now
The pain is too much to bear.
The icy blue depths
of twin pools
are suddenly replaced
by the prodigious green
spheres illuminating
my thoughts
While once the pools
offered a soothing coolness
Now, I am drowning in them
Deep down where I hide
I stay with my loneliness
without any love
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
My heart is broken
because of you
So many people
The world is so crowded
We are all so different
Yet we share a comon bond
A fear of love
A need for it

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