RHONJ star Teresa Giudice calls bankruptcy filing a ‘fresh start’

This story hit a nerve with me for some reason.  New Jersey is a very expensive place to live (high cost of living, high taxes) and Teresa claims that her and her husband’s incomes equal approx $6,500 a month.  $3,300 hundred of that is her Bravo subsidy for Housewives.  That means prior to being a housewife their income was $3,200 a month.

Somehow they managed to build a $1.7 million mansion, which is only ONE of the THREE that they own.  Teresa spent $100,000 on one rooms furnishings paying all in cash.  In the bankruptcy filing they also list an additional income of $10,000 per month as “assistance from family members.  You have to wonder what kind of “family” they are talking about.  If my family could afford to give me $120,000 a year, I wouldn’t have to work at all!  That is almost 1.5 times more than what we make as a couple now!

She spends more money in one shopping trip on socks than one of us makes in a month.  Calling their bankruptcy a “fresh start” is ridiculous!!  This type of gross “living beyond your means” is the reason so many people are in trouble and everyone else has to pick up the tab.  Why should my credit card fees and interest be higher, even though I pay my bills, becaus people like this rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt only to file for bankruptcy making the banks eat the debt and pass it on to everyone else.

I really think the IRS needs to investigate this entire family to see how they support their lifestyle and where all this cash is coming from.  I don’t see how it is all from legal resources.

If any of you have watched this show then you know Teresa is one of the most carefree spenders on the show and always whips out rolls of cash to pay with.  Just 2 episodes ago she threw a housewarming party for herself that easily costs in excess of $100,000.  Why would her family help support that kind of spending if there wasn’t something shady going on.

To read the entire article, click below:
‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Teresa Giudice calls bankruptcy filing a ‘fresh start’

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