Teenage Angst – Long Verses

I’m transcribing journal entries from the early 1990’s. What follows are some of those entries.

Just a little love
It doesn’t seem much to ask
Maybe I look too hard
It’s a primal need
I can’t seem to grasp
It seems the more I try
The more often I go home and cry
Why does it need to hurt so much
Am I doing something wrong
Come and go is always the story
All my energy drained
I need to rest yet I can’t
Somewhere, Somehow I’ll find it
I think…
I don’t really know anymore
You think you’ve found it
Then before it begins, it’s over
Like there never was a chance
Is it you, me, I guess
I’ll never know
I only wish I could hold on
For a while longer and maybe
Love and be loved

I want to be with you
My Heart
My Soul
My Body
All wish to be
joined to you
Never to part from you
Not for eternity
Just as my mind is constantly
filled with thoughts of you

I want it to be forever
Never for your love to
part from me
As mine will never
Part from thee.

I love you
but is it love I feel
And if so
How do I compete with
those that have loved you
before be?
Do you feel for me
as I do for you
or are you afraid.
Afraid of the memories
of another
Who you so highly acclaim?
I will freely give
All my heart will allow
If only you would share
with me
Your hopes and dreams
Let me in, Please
If only for a day
a minute
I will swear to you
all my love
Yours and your alone
-November 1991


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