Offer on the way!!!

Well Chris is on her way over with an offer on our house!  Hopefully it will be a good one.  The potential buyer wants to move in by August.

If the offer is good enough, we will hustle on the move.  Luckily our large trash pick up is due in a couple of weeks so I can load up the curb again.

Since we missed our desired deadline for moving and summer is already half over, if we accept the offer Jerry and I are thinking about renting something smaller (and cheaper) here and sock away the extra to fluff up our savings a bit more. If we go this route we will wait until winter to move.  I’d rather drive across the country in cooler weather and with my new job as a bookkeeper I am learning Quickbooks wgich will give me yet another skill for my resume.

Jerry is planning on updating his resume and start applying for federal jobs on the east coast.  With the burden of home ownership behind us, it will be a lot easier to pack up and go without having to wait.

Hopefully it will be a good offer!


2 thoughts on “Offer on the way!!!”

  1. Bethenny's Skinnygirl Margarita's didn't hurt making the offer look good! I haven't had a margarita in years!!


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