SOLD!!! Well, Under Contract anyway…

Yay!  We received an offer on the house, we countered and the buyer accepted our counter-offer!  WooHoo!!  We are in the 10 day option period for the buyer to get the inspection.  He is closing on his home sale on August 5 and we are scheduled to close on August 13.  We may close a little sooner if he has funding before the 13th.  We hung out with the buyer for a little while today and he seems like a super nice guy.  Single dad and wants his youngest to start his freshman year at Madison since he currently lives in Windcrest and the school there is Roosevelt, which has turned more into a detention center than a high school.

We are very excited.  Since we are running a little behind schedule and I am loving my new job (my boss has the same type of humor I do) Jerry & I have decided to rent until March.  Now that we have the flexibility of not having to sell the house, we are planning our move for April 1, 2011.  I am a little sad that it will be another 9 months until I’m near my family, but for us, it is the best decision.
Having 9 months with reduced monthly expenses will allow us to add more to our nest egg and will hopefully give the job market a little more time to improve.  We are going to start to look for jobs on the east coast now and if one of us gets an offer, we will move sooner.  Come April 1, we will move no matter what and look for jobs when we get there.
I am so excited to rent and not have to worry about maintenance and yard work for a little while.  Our realty angel, Chris, is working dilligently to find us a place to rent that is pet friendly, because giving up the kids is not an option.  To us, pets are not “disposable”.  There are some circumstances that unfortunately require owners to give up their pets, but Jerry & I believe that just like 2 legged children, 4 legged children are a commitment and neither should be discarded when it is no longer convenient.  I can’t even count the number of pets (dogs and birds) my mom has gotten that just like her children, she disposes of whenever they are inconvenient to her little world.
So if anyone knows of any good places to rent, please leave me a comment.  Can be a townhome, duplex, fourplex, apartment, small house, whatever!  Our wish list is as follows:
2 bedroom (or 1 bedroom with den or loft)

700 Sq ft is the bare minimum, prefer 900+
Fenced Yard (if this becomes too much of a problem, at least a private patio)
Pet Friendly
W/D in unit (at least full size connections)
1.5 bath+
Easy Access to I35, 1604, 410 or Wurzbach Parkway
$900 max rent
Northeast side
Has walking/jogging trails or walking distance to a park (McAllister park?)

HELP US FIND A HOME!!  We will be ready to sign the lease on August 6.


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