Last year I purchased the TV Ears so I could watch TV in bed without bothering Jerry and to use while on the treadmill.  They work great, but after an hour or so they would start to hurt my head.  This is probably just me.  I’ve always had a sensitive head.  I remember in elementary school my mother would insist on putting my hair in ponytails and it would hurt when she brushed it, but if you winced, you got smacked on the head with the brush, so you learned not to wince.  Even now, if I wear a headband or some sunglasses that are too snug I get headaches.

Anyways, the reason I bought them to begin with is as I get older it seems like the background music/noise on TV keeps getting louder and the dialogue keeps getting softer.  I’m having to turn up my TV louder and louder and rewinding my Tivo to understand what people are saying.  Finally when you can hear the speakers on your TV vibrate from the Tivo, “ding, ding, ding”, a solution must be found.

I purchased the wireless speaker that goes with my TV Ears and I am so happy!  I have the speaker set up on my nightstand and use that now instead of the TV speakers.  The speaker really does a great job using something called Voice Clarifying Circuitry to make the dialogue clearer and keeps the backgound noise in the background.  I can understand everything that is said on the TV at half the volume I used to use. 

So as I make my first official purchase to initiate me into old-ladydom, I anxiously await what future gadgets await me as I tread into senility.


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