Patio Park – Doggy Potty

I’m thinking about getting one of these for the condo…

The Patio Park system, billed as the Cadillac of dog potties, comes with a spacious area of turf, backed by a “picket fence” back wall to avoid wall splashes.

Also included is a fire hydrant that entices your dog to visit the potty. Made of “tough plastic” the unit features reservoirs and irrigation strips which automatically water the grass inside your dog potty, keeping it fresh and green. (No word on how often you have to mow!) Grass sod can be purchased from the company’s Web site or at any sod farm or plant nursery. Artificial turf can also be used.

This unit, recipient of an Editors Choice Award from Dog Fancy, as well as the Best of Show award from the 1999 Great Invention Competition, can be yours for the bargain price of just $219.

Other products are also available, including an awning to give your dog a bit more privacy, a name plate for the fire hydrant, and bottles of BacZyme which keeps the grass from smelling quite so bad.

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