Chloe Michelle Jackson (8/14/73 – 8/15/89)

Happy 37th Birthday!

Originally written 1991

You came into my life
A mere acquaintance
Thru time and turmoil
We became friends
As the days wore on
Into many a year
Our friendship grew and
Kept on growing
Over the years our
Bond grew stronger
And soon you were my
Greatest Friend
One would think
We could grow no closer
But yet…
We did
You became part of me
Like a sister
And when you left
A part of me left too
Forever there will be a void
Deep within myself
That no living soul could ever fill
I look forward
With great anticipation
To the day we will unite
Once Again
So I let you go
Not with a goodbye
But with a see you
In the afterlife

-Beth Harrison, 1991

For Michelle’s Story, Click Here

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