iRobot: Robot® Roomba® Vacuum Cleaning Robot

I think my Roomba was the best purcahse I ever made.  We have a mix of ceramic tile, hardwood floors and carpet along with a long hair cat, 2 Pomeranians and a Miniature Pinscher.  The hairballs tend to accumulate under the china cabinets because as you walk around the breeze from your feet blows the hair one at a time under the cabinets.

The Roomba goes under the cabinets and gets all the fur.  It goes under tables chairs and goes along the walls until it comes to a corner and then does a tight turn around the corner.  It cuts down on all the dust and allergens in the air.  I just tap my toe on the start button before I leave for work, it spends a couple of hours cleaning and when it gets tired, it parks itself back on the charger.

I purchased mine from  WOOT has some really awesome deals.  The Roomba’s are usually refurbished from the factory, but come with all applicable warranties.  WOOT tends to have the Roomba every 4-6 weeks and is worth checking in everyday to get one.

iRobot: Robot® Roomba® Vacuum Cleaning Robot cleans routinely so you don’t have to. Shop the iRobot Store for Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robots.


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