Grooming by Gloria – The pomeranians summer hair cuts

Romeo, Age 3
Cupid, Age 6

As has become a twice annually event due to the long summers here in San Antonio, the boys had their fluffy winter coats shaved off.  They look so different without the fluff it’s hard to tell that they are the same dogs.  When their fur is gone, Cupid drops about a full pound and Romeo goes from 7 pounds to 6.5.  Half a pound of fur might not sound like alot, but when you’re only 7 pounds to start with, it’s a big load off.

Cupid doesn’t seem to care either way, but Romeo is just like his mommy and can’t stand to be the least bit too warm.

Gloria has been doing all of our dog grooming for the past 5 years and the boys seem to like her.  I’m trying to learn how to do it myself so I can keep it up through the summer and do next years shave if we need it after we move.

Gloria also boards them when we are away and has started a doggie daycare, dog training and behavior modification.  She and her husband are very nice and their rates are very reasonable.

Click here for Grooming by Gloria website


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