I’m Back!!! Blog is up again!

Yay!!  I’m back!  After a tragic accident with my laptop this past September, I took an appropriate amount of mourning time before looking for another.  While “Greenie” can never be replaced, it was time to move on…

Thanks to a wonderful friend from the old days that now has a job at Apple, I was able to get a 32GB iPad for a steal, but while I love it, there are some things I just can’t do on the iPad.  Maintaining my blog was one such thing.  Of course, my not yet 2 year old nephew managed to figure it out in about 30 seconds!

Logam mastering Fish Pond on my iPad


Last Thursday my Jerry and I took a trip to Best Buy to browse.  While there we encountered a nice woman who was buying a laptop using a price she found online and had printed befor she came to the store.  She shared her good fortune with us, so alas, a new member of the family came home.  We have yet to name this new addition, but are happy to have him.

RIP Greenie

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