Great week so far… Busy April planned

This week has been pretty good.  Jerry and I are laughing more than ever.  He’s been so worried about me and he is adoringly protective.  The only times I’ve ever seen Jerry angry or protective is when you mess with his women (which means me or his mom).  I think this is going to be a great year for us and can’t wait to see what happens.

After 3 months of fiddling with different dosages and times, the medication has finally started working without the side effects.  Jerry says I’m no longer doing the Riverdance in my sleep and the hand tremors have ceased almost completely!  Great!  I can hold a pen AND write legibly again.  Yay me!

Jerry’s position with the county scored us Office 2010 Professional, Project 2010 and Visio 2010 for $30!  Couldn’t beat that and now I can teach myself OneNote, Project and Visio to add to my resume.

Speaking of which, work began on both of our resumes this week.  We are both terrified of the upcoming move, but only because we don’t like change.  Here we know all the shortcuts, what highways to avoid and when no matter what our GPS thinks.  We will be at the mercy of our GPS after we move.  Even though we are both terrified of moving, we are also very excited.  Jerry has been with the county for 13 years and it’s going to be hardest on him in regars to work change, but that is really the major source of stress.
This week I started training my boss on how to be a bookkeeper.  Gave her first Quickbooks lesson on Wednesday and she rocked it.  She’s almost 60, so she gets a little intimidated by the computer, but she was up on running at A/P data entry in 20 minutes.  We scheduled lots of mini-training sessions over the course of April so neither one of us gets burnt out or overwhelmed by doing too much for too long at one sitting.
Started sorting out what we will be tossing and taking when we move this week.  By the end of April, I want to be completely sorted through every box, closet, drawer, nook and cranny and have everything we are not taking out of the house.  It’s going to be a little awkward going through everything, but I will be done by the end of April because in May I have to start organizing and packing so I can get moving quotes, pick out a mover and schedule.  It’s coming up so fast!
Jerry and I really want to start living a “less is more” lifestyle, so in addition to everything we have already gotten rid of and the sofa set we already planned on selling before we left, we also decided to get rid of the Mission Dining Room Set (that we used like 4 times) and the treadmill (which is just too heavy to move).  The only furniture we will be taking really is the bedroom set (that took me years to find) and a few miscellaneous pieces.
 The only thing we are taking that I really don’t have a use for is my Grandparents Noritake China they starting collecting on their wedding day.  It is a huge set!  Service for 12 with 200 pieces of every serving platter, bowl, boat, creamer, pitcher you can imagine.  They spent years collecting what I can’t imagine isn’t the entire design.  It has pieces that are both pre and post war.  While I never use formal china (can’t go in the dishwasher) anymore, I can’t let it go for sentimental reasons and one day I’d like to give it to my brother and his wife.


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