Rid Fleas the Affordable and Easy Way

Rid Fleas the Affordable and Easy Way

I have been a cat or dog owner since a very young age, so I’ve seen my fair share of fleas. A few months ago we introduced a months old Chihuahua pup to our home, which already had two dogs in it. Latte, the new pup, obviously brought the blood sucking baggage along because our two dogs now have them. So how does one rid fleas?

You may be tempted to rush out to your veterinarian for some prescribed repellant. Or, if you’re one of the many misinformed, you scrambled to your local Walmart for an over-the-counter fix. How many of you know that you can’t really rely on a retail store to help you rid fleas? I could remember years ago, like 12 or so, when those green shampoos actually did
work! I used them so often that I even got used to, and began to like the smell of the Pyrethrin. This is the main ingredient found in most insect repellant. Derived from the Pyrethrum plant, this chemical is considered to be eco-friendly and non-toxic(to an extent). Like all things, an over dosage can be just that…and over dose, and lead to illness or even death.

Its considered to be so effective, that when I was in the Army our camouflage uniforms had to be treated with them prior to getting deployed to nations ridden by Malaria. Sounds a little scary if you ask me, particularly to those pet owners that pamper their little ones. Well if those retail remedies just aren’t enough for your needs to rid fleas, one option you should try is garlic. Like in the vampire movies of the 1950’s and 60’s, garlic can be used to thwart off attacks from these microscopic blood suckers. Garlic, along with another popular member of the Alliaceae family, onion, can also be used to rid fleas from your pet. Considered pungent by most, these two vegetables are extremely beneficial not only for culinary purposes, but for medicinal uses.

Both contain a powerful chemical called Allicin, which is actually anti-fungal, anti-cancer, and has antibiotic characteristics. The Allicin attacks the parasite’s nervous system, rendering it paralyzed. What we like to do is keep a bottle of minced garlic in our refrigerator. And everytime we treat our dogs to what we call a cocktail(a mixture of dry and canned food), we make sure to sprinkle some on top. Our Boxer has no problem with eating raw garlic. For our picky adult Chihuahua, however, we mix it all in with the cocktail. This way if he wants the meat chunks he has no choice but to ingest the garlic. This method takes a little time for the Allicin to accumulate in their bloodstreams. Mister flea, I wish you would!

For a more direct and hasty method, get yourself an actual clove and cut it. After a good squeeze, rub the cut clove all over your pet. Don’t be shy. Rub its belly, rub in its armpits, and when you’re done simply toss it in the pet’s sleeping area. Speaking of sleeping area, we recommend investing in some moth balls from your local dollar store. Camphor, the main ingredient in those balls, is also a good way to rid fleas. They cannot stand the odor! Of course, you have to be careful to not allow your dog to consume the moth balls. Find a jar, not quite a Mason, but a Gerber food jar and poke some holes in the lid. Eventually the moth balls will evaporate, but its a two for one as it deodorizes the pet’s area.

Lastly, try using bedding that’s sold for Guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, etc. Note: the bedding has to be pre-treated with Cedar. If you keep your dogs in a crate, give them a layer of it. After a few days of sleeping on the Cedar bedding the fleas will get fed up and flee! Get it? Ok, ok, there’s nothing funny about microscopic parasites in your home, but it could be worse. You could have ticks, bed bugs, leeches, or Vampires themselves hiding out in your attic. We hope that we were of assistance to you and your pet. Keep in mind, that these remedies are all conditional. Of course you can’t try these methods and expect them to work when you live next door to an irresponsible dog owner. In order to rid fleas you have to limit the possibilities of them returning.

Kevin Timothy is a father, husband, dog owner, and entrepreneur. As a knowledge nut, he likes to read inspirational books and maintain his blog to share his insight with the world. He encourages comments and intellectual debates so feel free to drop by.

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