San Antonio Highland Games & Celtic Music Festival

Had a great time at the festival on Saturday(  I’m glad we went for the bands early sets instead of waiting for the late ones.  By 4:00, the clouds had gone away and it was full sunshine.  Sounds nice?  I hate it!  It was 90 degrees and after 4.5 hours, I was dripping, my face was bright red and I was exhausted.


Romeo’s 1st Celtic Rock Concert

This year had record crowds which was quite surprising since the Poteet Strawberry Festival was also this weekend and it is a MUCH bigger event.  I was disappointed upon hearing that.  The Strawberry Festival usually falls closer to my birthday, which is next Sunday, and Jerry & I were going to go this year since this is our last festival season in San Antonio.  Oh well.  We still have the Floresville Peanut Festival, Luling Watermelon Thump,
Taste of New Orleans, Battle of Flowers, Helotes Cornyvall, Fiesta Carnival, St Mary’s Oyster Bake, Flambeau, Coronation Ball and last, but not least, NIOSA, all in the next couple of weeks.  Did I forget anything?  Whew! 
Just in case you’ve been in a coma, here is a link for the Fiesta Schedule the next couple of weeks San Antonio Fiesta Schedule of Events.  Too much to do, not enough time or dinero.

Pics from Saturday:

This year the games had 2 awesome Celtic Rock Bands.  My favorite was Needfire (the other, Seven Nations was really good and does some excellent Cure covers, but the lead singer looks like he’s trying to be Bon Jovi).  Below are some video clips of Needfire.

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