Yoplait Light Boston Cream Pie Yogurt

Yogurt is a food I always wish I liked and every few years when I would forget why I didn’t like it, I would try it again and INSTANTLY remember why I didn’t like it.
This year my husband and I vowed to get healthy and I desperately wanted a healthy, creamy snack (like yogurt) that I could eat whenever. Yogurt was that snack. From constipation, osteoporosis, high blood pressure to yeast infections, yogurt helps it all. I am hard pressed to think of anyone that wouldn’t benefit from yogurt. Top-10-surprising-health-benefits-of-yogurt
About 6 weeks ago I decided I was going to like yogurt come hell or high water.  I was especially interested in it’s immune boosting benefits because
 I am immuno-supressed after having advanced Hodgkin’s Disease (Lymphoma, an immune system related cancer) in 2004-2005.  I was on a mission. 
I trolled the internet for articles and forums for “people who don’t like yogurt” and “yogurt that doesn’t tast like yogurt”. I took their opinions and made mental notes and headed to the grocery store the next day.
Standing in front of the yogurt section for a half an hour staring in bewilderment of all the flavors I made a decision.  I would buy 10 different flavors, from all different vendors.  I bought regular, light, whipped, greek and tossed them in the cart, after all, whatever I didn’t like, my husband would eat.
On a side note, the Jell-O Mousse Temptations (60 calories) and the regular Jell-O Tempations (120-150 calories) were with the yogurt, so I figured, “What the hell”, I had to give them a shot as well.  My store hasn’t had the Apple Custard Pie yet, but I am dying to try it.   Jell-O Temptations – 6 flavors of heaven for dieters
But, I digress.  For someone that doesn’t like yogurt, I found Yoplait Light to be the best to start with and get acclimated to eating yogurt.  Their dessert flavors have a very little “yogurt” taste. (Stay away from Greek Yogurt!  even my husband agreed it was more yogurty than most yogurt).  My favorites are pictured. 
 I worked my way up to trying a few of the fruit flavored ones and found the Yoplait Light brand still the way to go.  The Orange Creme and Blackberry are very good and I am slowly expanding my palet. 
We did pick up a large box of Activia at Sam’s Club for my husband so I ventured a taste.  I started with the Vanilla and while it initially was a small jolt to my taste buds I liked it.  Now I’ve expanded my yogurt repotoire to include Activia Vanilla and Strawberry.  Yesterday I picked up a variety pack of Acitivia Light that includes Vanilla, Strawberry and a new flavor (for me anyway) Cherry.
I am now eating 2-4 yogurts a day.  I have one with my breakfast shake, a couple of snacks during the day and as a night time snack (or a Jell-O Temptaion, Yum!). 
I am now staying on the low end of my daily calorie goal of 1200-1500 without feeling hungry and not feeling deprived of sweets or chocolate because of the desserty taste.  My calcium levels as well as protein, Vit D and other vitamins are all above the recommended dose. 
I am glad I took the time to try so many different brands and flavors to finall “make” myself like yogurt!

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