Hip Hip Hurray! for Catherine Zeta Jones

I get quite tired of always having to ‘speculate’ on whether a famous person has bipolar disorder. I am on the TV, radio, etc to explain the illness and what I think of the person’s behavior and if it’s really bipolar. (It’s always bipolar!)  I am sure there would have been calls about Catherine Zeta Jones if she had simply gone into the psych ward.  But she didn’t! She told the truth!
I can now write a positive blog about a beautiful woman who is not ashamed to have a mental illness. If you can’t see my smile, hopefully you can feel it. We can surely see her beautiful smile.
I think of Britney Spears who has been diagnosed and yet has chosen not to talk about it. Then of course Charlie Sheen who might not ever get a diagnosis of anything. I very much respect them though, as they have more at stake than Catherine Zeta Jones. She is older, has proven herself in her career, has a family around her and is simply and stunningly gorgeous. Not exactly the face of mental illness- so people will naturally be kinder to her. It’s human nature.  
She shows that as much as bipolar sucks- I consider it the worst illness in the world after schizophrenia- it can be managed and we don’t have to be so darn secret about it.
Good for her!
Go Catherine!

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