Little sad this Easter…Missing my nieces and nephew

Every Easter, Christmas and Birthday we deposit money into the accounts we opened for our twin nieces and our nephew when they were born.  As I transfer the funds into their accounts today, it is making my mind wander to both a happy and a sad place.

Easter 2004 – Our Backyard

 I’m sad…
Our nieces will be 10 this year.  3 months after they were born we were offered a free house that would have taken me back to Massachusetts to be near my family and we turned it down because we really wanted to be here and see our nieces grow up.  Not being able to have children ourselves, we wanted to be around for them and be an awesome Aunt and Uncle.

March 2007

Unfortunately my BIL’s first wife came to her senses and realized how immature, irresponsible and what a liar her husband was, so she divorced him. 
Additionally, all the decent girls he dated after also dumped him when they realized how immature he was and the only girl that would have him is also a compulsive liar and a bit psycho.  Because of all the damage she has done to the entire family and all the lies he has told, we haven’t been able to see our nieces since December 2009.  Now that we are relocating to the East Coast and they are living in California, it is a realization that we probably will not see them again until they are 18, which makes us sad.

However, I’m VERY happy…
Our nephew Logan is 28 months and we had a wonderful visit with him in December and will be going back again later this year.  We are currently 2200 miles away from their home in Portland, ME.  After our move to Virginia in 98 days, we will only be 650 miles away from them, making it much easier to see them every few

Logan Easter 2011

months.  I think I’ll have to buy them a futon chair so they have someplace for Auntie to sleep on her many long weekends up there.  Microfiber Suede Futon Bed

My baby brother found an awesome woman to spend the rest of his life with and I look forward to watching them blossom. 

I have a very kind Uncle, a wacky Aunt and an awesome gaggle of cousins that I look forward to seeing on a more regular basis and finally being close enough to attend family functions like holidays and weddings.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

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