Nala Berry Supplement Good Dog Calming Water Additive Nala Berry Supplement Good Dog Calming 8 oz: Kitchen & Dining

I originally purchased this item in Sept 2010. I have 3 dogs so I ordered 3 bottles. We use a 3 gallon water dispenser so I had to do a little math to calculate how much was needed for 3 gals of water. Our dogs are small coming in at 7, 10 and 12 pounds respectively, so their water lasts 7-10 days.

I purchased this because our “middle child”, Cupid had started acting weird. He would turn his head to either side and do a combo growl/bark that we are calling a yap. It was like he was talking to himself and then answering himself. it was very odd and made me wonder if dogs could be schizophrenic! We got some anxiet medication from the vet, but I don’t think they did much. We had moved in August so they no longer had the huge yard they were used too, only a small courtyard. We figured the stress of moving and not being able to run around whenever he felt like it were causing him some stress as well as the other kids.

These last couple of months he has been yappy again. Barking at every leaf falling down

, “yelling” at us, “talking” all the time. It is really starting to wear on our nerves and my husband suggested taking him back to the vet again. Then we were in the car coming home from the dog park and since he’s been handling filling their water dispenser since I hurt my back a few months ago, I asked him if was putting the right amount in their water and his response was that he ran out of that stuff a couple months ago and haven’t been using it.

So, here I am, ordering 3 more bottles, because it was obviously working during the months he was drinking it and the only that has changed in 2011 is that he is no longer drinking it!

Angels when they’re asleep.  Cupid, on the left, has middle child syndrome.

2 thoughts on “Nala Berry Supplement Good Dog Calming Water Additive”

  1. Is this drug is very safe to take for a dog? Whether this drug has been recommended from the vet for your dog? If the drug is safe, then I will also use this drug to my dog.


  2. It is actually all natural and contains no drugs. It has flower and berry extracts. My vet actually gave me drugs for my dog first and they didn't work all that well. This was better for him, for me and for my wallet.


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