Mission Accomplished!

VillaWare Interbake – Waffles – Pizzelles – Sandwiches Maker

I just got an email informing me that the item I selected has been discontinued!   ARGH!!!!

I think I managed to snag the last VillaWare InterBake 3 on the Internet!  It has been discontinued and I am dying for some pizzelle and cannoli, but I wanted a dual purpose appliance that also made waffles.  Seems simple right?  NOT!

The one I ended up buying was the only model I could find that did both (it also has sandwich maker plates, we’ll see about that).  They did have it on another website but it was over $100 and I’m in a cheap mood.  Now in all fairness I did find an Emerilware Waffle/Sandwich/Pizzelle Maker new on Ebay, but I wasn’t too thrilled about having “BAM!” molded into my food.

Now I just need a really good Cannoli recipe and some ideas for sandwiches.  Please enter suggestions below!  I need them!

* If you love waffles, sandwiches and pizzelles, this is a perfect item for you.

* Interchangeable plates allow you to make all three with this one appliance!

* Plates are dishwasher safe for fast easy cleanup.

* Makes two 5″ waffles, two sandwiches or two 4.5″ pizzelles.

One thought on “Mission Accomplished!”

  1. great device, thanks for sharing!
    I am always intimidated to have to have 3 different machines just to make differend shapes of waffles!

    I am going to try to find one of these, I am sure my wife will like it:)


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