Cooking & Cleaning? No thank you!

So after much consideration, I have determined that due to some freak of nature, my DNA does not include the “Housewife” gene. 

I enjoy being challenged at work.  Sure, when I’m at work I prefer to work alone and absolutely loathe having to be on the phone all day, but I miss the social interaction.  Interacting with people makes me happy!

When I’m at home, I just get depressed because I miss the interaction.  I don’t want to clean, I really don’t ‘enjoy’ cooking.  It’s tolerable, but when you cook, then there’s just more to clean which starts a vicious never ending cycle!

I know some woman just love being home, taking care of their man, but I was raised too independant for that.  My mentality is more “He’s an adult.  He can take care of himself”. 

I just don’t know what to do with myself anymore.  What do housewives do?  REAL housewives that is, not the Bravo TV kind. 
I’ve never really enjoyed shopping, so that got old really quick.  Besides, when only one of you is working, going out and spending money all the time isn’t exactly the best practice.  I go to the gym, I’ve gone to a couple of meetups, but what else is there to do?!

I actually forgot how much enjoy working until this past Monday.  My old supervisor at SAHA called and asked me for a favor.  It seems that in the almost 2 years I’ve been gone, they have yet to be able to find someone with my genius at MS Office (Word & Excel specifically in this case).  So I grudgingly agreed to swing by the office and fix a mail merge letter that they were having trouble with in exchange for a free lunch. Well it only took 45 minutes but it was so nice being around everyone that I went ahead and fixed some Pivot Table reports that had been broken by a change in their source document.  It was nice being needed for something other than a load of laundry or a trip to HEB for a change. 

While I had dreaded going back to my old organization, I stayed around a few hours saying “Hi” to everyone and actually felt better that day than I have in months.  I was happy and energized.  I loved feeling useful.  I cannot wait until we move on July 31 to finally be able to look for full time work again!  I am just one of those types of people that needs to work.

2 thoughts on “Cooking & Cleaning? No thank you!”

  1. 🙂
    I am not a housewife, sorry (I am a guy actually), but this post was very interesting 🙂

    I found out how many feel. Maybe will be usefull some day….


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