10 Most Pointless Salad Ingredients

10 Most Pointless Salad Ingredients | The Daily Meal

Just when you think your doing the right thing by having a salad…

I will not give up my cucumbers!  Or as I said as a child, cootmumbers.  But I will add some zuccini.

I love flavored croutons!!  Can’t lose them, but will cut back a little

Iceberg lettuce I have always hated anyway so given a choice I will always take spinach or a spring greens mix

Onions – Don’t use anyway and might I suggest to all of you in the workplace to leave them alone, for the rest of ours sake.  Please?

I do like cheese on my salad, but try to use a fat free or 2% cheese

Corn & Green beans?  Never heard of it on a salad.  I use broccoli or sugar snap peas

Chow mein noodles & Bacon – can live without

Alfalfa Sprouts – prefer Bean Sprouts anyway so no loss

Of course it doesn’t really matter what is in your salad if you drown it in dressing.  Most dressngs are just flavored fat.  Make sure and read your labels and keep to light or fat free varieties

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